Decorative Film

Whether you’re creating a mood or addressing a functional concern, it’s sometimes hard to know when inspiration will strike. When it does, Sweet Window Tinting's decorative films are here for you! With a broad palette of styles that includes frosts, patterns, textures, gradients and specialties. They’ll bring your vision to life!

Able to brilliantly enhance existing properties or new projects, we have everything you need! Durable yet also removable, it can be a lasting feature or temporary update. We have a wide range of designs, you’ll find it hard to resist experimenting with our products. That’s because we carry over 50 styles of decorative films that have been carefully curated to spark ideas and fuel imagination.

Graphic patterns

Our patterned film styles are available in designs ranging from playful dots to classic pinstripes. Match your décor and design aesthetic with varying levels of translucency, including opaque white patterns.

Design ideas

  • Inspire creativity in the workplace with decorative partition walls and stairways.
  • Add privacy, without eliminating light and views.
  • Boost interest in retail spaces by differentiating storefront glass.

Realistic textures

This series of elegant films can refract light and simulate the sparkle and clarity of a textured glass window, without the designer glass cost.

Design ideas

  • Create an upscale look for medical office entrances.
  • Provide ambiance and mystery in a spa setting.
  • Reduce distractions in conference rooms.