Security Film

When it comes to protection, the choice is clear.

Wind-borne Debris, Bomb Blast, Accidental Breakage, Forced Entry, Graffiti, Storms, earthquakes, explosions, vandalism.

Natural and man made disasters are on the rise worldwide. Whether the threat comes from graffiti taggers, smash-and-grab thieves, terrorist bombs or violent storms, the consequences to people and property can range from unsightly to costly to deadly. Help protect all your precious resources — human as well as financial — with Sweet Window Tinting Protective Film. Our films are made of a clear, heavy-duty polyester compound, that provides a thin, transparent barrier against these threats. Our product securely adheres to glass surfaces to resist impact and help keep particles safely in place if glass is broken. Durable and easy to install, we provide a simple, cost-effective alternative to new safety glazing. And unlike obstructive physical barriers like bars, shutters or grates, they are virtually invisible, offering 24/7 protection for your views and design, as well as your property.

Glass provides countless options for creating inviting and useful work and living spaces. But it can also expose you to great risk. Windows are the most vulnerable part of any building’s design. Providing easy points of entry for vandals and thieves, windows become dangerous shards when broken. Keep an eye on security without losing sight of your design or budget. Protective Window Film provides reliable, affordable protection for a variety of applications. These include commercial, residential, mass transit, and government facilities throughout the world. Also ideal for unique applications such as glass spider walls, display cases, balcony closures, and shower doors. While you can’t always predict disaster, you can prepare for it. Sweet Window Tinting Films stand guard around the clock to protect your people and property from the dangers you expect, and the ones you don’t.