Scratched Glass

Glass can be easily scratched in production, shipping and installation. This can also occur in post-installation use and vandalism. Prior to today's advanced technology, most people had to replace the entire frame to resolve the problem.

Acid Graffiti Repair

Acid etching is a form of graffiti made from an acid containing craft etching product, found in craft stores. The graffiti does not show immediately, but it burns into the glass over a short period of time. The longer the acid etched graffiti remains, the more permanent it becomes.

Construction Damage

Often times, contractors, property managers and home builders have to remove scratches from construction mishaps, such as stucco damage. We routinely work on construction sites to rectify these common on-the-job mistakes.

Hard Water Spots

Hard water stains occur when a sprinkler or water system repeatedly sprays over and area or anywhere water often splashes on glass. Especially bathroom shower glass. This leaves a foggy-looking appearance on the glass and it can be very difficult to remove.

Scratch Graffiti Glass Repair

Etching is a form of graffiti created by scratching into metal, plastic, and glass with a sharp object. Unlike graffiti with paints and markers, it cannot be removed with cleaning solutions.